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What is the rate for the job?

Americans have many ways to find the going salary rate for a specific job in a specific town. According to Lifehacker the most prominent are Glassdoor.com, PayScale, SalaryScout and Indeed. There’s no equivalent source of information for New Zealand. The best to date is the Robert Walters information for Auckland and Wellington  available on seek.co.nz. […]

Remuneration: A posh word for pay

Employers in knowledge industries rarely talk about pay. They prefer remuneration. Perhaps the idea comes from the early 20th century when Britain’s upper classes thought discussing money was vulgar. Another explanation is employers live in a pretentious management-speak world where they use sesquipedalian – if you want to use that one at a dinner party […]

Brainpower: Rewarding knowledge workers

This brainpower chart comes from an article adapted from a presentation given by consulting firm Mercer. It looks at the needs and wants of knowledge workers from a manager’s point of view. The conclusion is far from original: bosses need to look after knowledge workers if they want to stay competitive. Even so, the message […]

How to negotiate a pay rise in uncertain times

In the good old days most Australian and New Zealand workers belonged to unions. Pay rises were negotiated centrally. Employers paid a fixed hourly rate for the job, higher rates for overtime and that was that. Each year the union representatives and the management would lock themselves in a smoke-filled room. They would order rounds […]