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Would you switch bank for a phone app?

Last week Levi Allen ASB’s digital channel manager demonstrated the latest version of the bank’s mobile app. The newest features allow you to deal with TradeMe directly from your phone, get balances from up to three accounts on the opening screen, manage Kiwisaver accounts and handle Facebook payments. ASB wants to carve out a reputation […]

Nokia’s Lumia 920 through a journalist’s lens

Like most modern freelance journalists, my work is about words and pictures. While getting the story is important, editors usually expect me to return from an assignment with a handful of decent images. Not disappointing them is the best way to put food on the table. So how does the Lumia 920’s camera rate for […]

Samsung top phone brand in New Zealand

It should surprise no-one to learn Samsung has moved past Apple to become the top phone maker in New Zealand. The latest figures from IDC Research show Samsung has a 28. percent share of the smartphone market. Smartphones now account for 43 percent of the New Zealand mobile phone market. NZ behind Australia on smartphone […]