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Duck Duck Go versus Google juggernaut

For the last month Duck Duck Go has been my default search engine on my computers, tablets and phone. It’s not the first time I’ve tried this experiment. Unlike other search engines Duck Duck Go doesn’t track your searches. You’ll see advertising based on your search terms, but they don’t relate back to earlier searches. Nor are […]

New Zealanders cool on data analytics catching benefit fraud

New Zealanders don’t like welfare agencies using personal spending data from credit card or insurance to verify benefit claims. The 2017 Unisys New Zealand Security Index found only 42 percent agree with welfare agencies accessing this kind of information. It’s not just welfare. Even fewer New Zealanders support the tax office collecting similar data to […]

New Zealanders wary of wearable biometrics: Unisys

Unisys Security Index researchers looked at how comfortable New Zealanders are with biometrics and wearable computer devices. That’s the technical name for biometric hardware like health bands and other kit that measures medical data. It also covers smart watches and products like Google Glass. When there’s a clear benefit, New Zealanders are happy with the […]

Talking VPNs on Radio NZ Nine-to-Noon

Technology journalist Bill Bennett discusses Russia’s move to crack down on virtual private networks. Also, two conflicting takes on the power of online advertising; and the day the music died: the Pandora music service closes in New Zealand and Australia. New technology – Bill Bennett From my speaker notes: Virtual Private Networks Virtual Private Networks […]

New Zealanders naïve about wi-fi safety: Symantec

Two-out-of-three New Zealanders think their personal data is safe when they use public wi-fi hotspots. Roughly the same number use hotspots regardless of the consequences. Hardly any users know if they are transmitting data safely when using public wi-fi. These are Key findings in Symantec’s 2017 Wi-fi Risk Survey. Wi-fi is popular. Symantec found half […]