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Start-ups: Just tell us the interesting stories

Judging by incoming mail, press releases and social media, technology start-ups think we care about their money-raising. They often spend precious resources telling us how much they have raised or expect to raise. Start-ups also want to tell us they or were mentioned in an important publication or were invited to take part in an […]

Dealing with grumpy editors

Modern public relations people often don’t understand how the media works. They often don’t get journalism. This wasn’t a problem in the past when most PR people were ex-journalists. Today many publicists have never seen the inside of an editorial office. Or if they have, they haven’t seen how editors and journalist work. And they […]

World leader in BS

Press releases usually trumpet a company as a leader in something. Often they are “global leaders”. A search for the word “leading” among the press releases in my in-box threw up thousands. Some recent ones: SYDNEY, Aust., December 10, 2010 —  Acronis, a leading provider of easy-to-use backup, recovery and security solutions for physical, virtual […]

Forget company history in business writing

No-one cares when or where your company started. If you’re writing a website about page, compiling a brochure or a business proposal, don’t fall into the trap of adding a lengthy company history. It is best to avoid histories altogether. If you must have one, keep it short and either link to the information on another […]