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Closing New Zealand’s rural-urban digital divide

Clare Curran says: “We have to do more than better connectivity”. The minister for broadcasting, communications and digital media was speaking about the digital divide at last month’s Tuanz Rural Connectivity Symposium in Wellington. https://twitter.com/clarecurranmp/status/1011468050825007104 Curran names ‘closing the digital divide by 2020‘ as one of her two big goals. The other is for technology […]

Government broadband investment fills the gaps

https://twitter.com/billbennettnz/status/902748182647644160 Cynics were quick to label the government’s generous broadband funding announcement as pork barrel politics. There’s something in that. New Zealand is, after all, in the run up to what looks like a tightly fought election. Yet anyone looking closely at the existing fibre network and the second phase of the Rural Broadband Initiative […]

Vodafone Australia mulls Wisp alliance, NZ implications

CommsDay reports that Vodafone Australia is considering an alliance with regional wireless ISPs. Wireless ISPs or wisps provide local wireless broadband. Most operate in areas the big carriers find uneconomic to service. They might connect a handful of properties further up a valley, or behind a range of hills. You can take it as read one […]

Rural health professionals see fibre pay-off

Health is one area where rural broadband can change lives, even save lives. Broadband gives health professionals and patients fast access to resources and expertise. In rural areas this would often be difficult, expensive or time-consuming to get any other way. Broadband helps move patient records and test results. It’s fast and can be secure. […]

Your guide to Rural Broadband Initiative extension bids

Crown Fibre Holdings’ Rural Broadband Initiative and Mobile Black Spot request for proposal closed on Monday.  That’s RBI2 to the rest of us. At stake is $150 million of money funded by the Telecommunications Development Levy. Of that, $100 million is to finance high-speed broadband. It needs to reach to the last 15 percent of […]