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Telecommunications Bill resets UFB price cap

The Telecommunications Bill going through Parliament sets the tone for New Zealand’s fibre era. By 2022 around 87 percent of New Zealand’s population will have access to fibre. Many homeowners and businesses have already chosen to connect to fibre. This month Statistics New Zealand reported one in three broadband connections are now fibre. That’s up […]

Service quality needs Commerce Commission scrutiny

The Commerce Commission says retail telecoms service will be one of its priorities for the next year. While the telecommunications industry gets more than its fair share of political and regulatory scrutiny, there is unfinished business. The Commerce Commission’s timing makes sense. The first phase of the UFB fibre build finishes over the next 12 […]

European regulator wants to rein in tech

Margrethe Vestager, the European commissioner for competition, says the government has to move fast to ensure that tech does not subvert society. Presumably, she means the European government. “…as it becomes clearer how those companies were used to manipulate the 2016 U.S. elections, Vestager feels validated in her distrust of Silicon Valley’s power…” The quotes come […]

Talking net neutrality on RNZ Nine-to-Noon

I talk on Radio New Zealand National Nine-to-noon programme with Katherine Ryan about the US government moves to scrap net neutrality rules. It’s available as a 20-minute audio stream or download.  This has been on the cards since the US election a year ago. The telecommunications giants pushed for the new government to scrap net […]

Mobile termination rate revision not pressing

Competition and regulation economist Donal Curtin says in a blog post there may be unfinished business with the mobile termination rate. The mobile termination rate is the sum one cellphone company pays another for calls going from network to network. Curtin is responding to the Commerce Commission annual report on the telco market. He writes: […]