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Skinny Broadband sweetens fixed wireless internet deal

Skinny Broadband has dropped the cost of a fixed wireless internet connection. From today it costs 20 percent less. The price is $52 a month for 100GB of data. If you don’t need the highest download speeds and lots of data it is a great alternative to fixed line internet. See an in-depth review of […]

Skinny Broadband undermines copper tax

Skinny Broadband is a solid, affordable low-end alternative to a copper or fibre internet connection. It suits many customers’ broadband needs. It is competitively priced. Even after the $200 upfront payment for a suitable fixed wireless modem, Skinny Broadband is New Zealand’s cheapest mainstream broadband plan. We’ve been conditioned to think wireless data is expensive. […]

Skinny 4G fixed wireless broadband modem value

Tim Hughes comments on Geekzone’s story about the Skinny 4G broadband service. He suggests $200 is a lot of money to pay upfront for a fixed wireless broadband modem. Maybe. The 4G fixed wireless broadband service costs $55 a month for 60GB of data. From reading the Skinny site it is clear the official modem is not optional. […]