New Zealand’s mid-ranking social media power

mssocialtools-1-600-x-401-600x401At ZDNet Jack Schofield writes West lags developing nations in using social networks for business.

He quotes a Microsoft sponsored survey showing China is leading the way when it comes to increasing productivity by using social media for business. Other leading countries include India, Turkey and Mexico.

Developing countries dominate the top of the table. While the UK, USA, Australia, Canada and Germany are laggards.

New Zealand sits squarely in the middle of the 32 countries surveyed at number 16 and with a score of 42%. That’s far behind China’s 84% and a tad behind the average score of 46%. But well ahead of Australia on 33%, the USA on 34%.

Twit Cleaner closes: we lose

TwitcleanerNew Zealand-developed Twit Cleaner has closed its doors. The online service made weeding Twitter contacts simple and quick.

When I reviewed it last year I described Twit Cleaner as seriously useful. That’s because it sorts potentially bad Twitter accounts into categories making decisions easier.

Developer Si Dawson explains why he closed Twit Cleaner in a goodbye blog post. It boils down to running out of the number of API calls his service can make to Twitter at any moment.

Sadly Dawson also blogs about the upgrades he would have made if the project continued. They sound great.


Chasing Facebook

Craig McGill makes a good case for social media strategists not putting all their digital eggs in the Facebook basket at the Contently Managed website. His In Social Media strategy, should you put all your digital eggs in the Facebook basket? (Dead link) wisely warns that Facebook could go the way of sites like Friends Reunited, MySpace and Bebo,

McGill says old-fashioned websites should stay the mainstay of any strategy — because that’s where people buy things and learn more information.