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NZ media live blogging

New Zealand’s news outlets were late to the live blogging party. British news sites had been using live blogging successfully for around 18 months before it blossomed here during the election. Most UK newspapers and the BBC use it to great effect on their web sites. Live blogging is, without doubt, the single most important […]

Time to shut your website, move to Facebook?

Bnet.com discusses┬ábusinesses dropping websites to concentrate on social media┬ásites like Facebook. What about journalists and news media? It makes sense for some businesses to move: Companies like Starbucks and Coca-Cola get up to 80 times as many Facebook page visits as website visits. These are mass-market companies running one-size-fits-all campaigns. Although Facebook has begun wooing […]

Ten best social media practices for journalists

The American Society of News Editors lists the 1o best social media practices. The main document is a 50 page PDF with samples and short, case studies. You probably don’t have time to read all that so here are the top ten points with comments. Traditional ethics rules still apply online. – This separates real […]

Google Wave bye bye as service closes

Good riddance to Google Wave. I never understood what the fuss was about. Wave may have been clever programming, but it didn’t do anything other applications already did better. Google has better tools for most Wave tasks. It did instant messaging although Google already had tools that do the same job. Wave did communications. Why […]