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Football deal highlights Spark Sky TV threat

It’s no coincidence Sky TV reported a $240 million loss days after Spark won the Premier League Football rights. A thread connects the two news stories. Spark is New Zealand’s rising media power. Sky is still number one, but fading. You can’t blame Sky’s problems on Spark’s football win. The traditional pay-TV company hasn’t owned […]

5G spectrum jockeying begins

Network makers promise next-generation mobile phones will download data faster than fibre. The original goal for 5G cellular was 10 Gbps downloads. Now engineers say 20 Gbps. Without getting deep into electromagnetic physics and radio engineering, this was an ambitious goal. Ambitious, but as the evidence so far shows, realistic. Yet there are challenges. Carriers […]

Spark to start New Zealand 5G network build by 2020

Spark says it is on track to begin rolling out a 5G mobile network in 2020. The company says services will go live later that year. This confirms the date the company has already said it would begin its next generation network build. It depends on the spectrum becoming available, then an auction or other form […]

Spark doubles down on wireless broadband

For over a year Spark has pushed fixed wireless broadband as an alternative to fixed-line internet. Spark sells fixed wireless products using its own label and its cut-price Skinny brand. From a customer point of view the two services are the same. Skinny is cheaper. The cheapest plan is NZ$40 a month. At NZ$85 Spark’s own-brand […]

Mobile market competition issues ComCom should watch

A Commerce Commission investigation into mobile market competition is underway. The carriers think they’ve seen enough regulation, with some justification. And yet there are areas where New Zealand’s mobile market does not work as well as it might. Spark managing director Simon Moutter has a point when he says New Zealand’s mobile market is competitive. […]