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Start-ups: Just tell us the interesting stories

Judging by incoming mail, press releases and social media, technology start-ups think we care about their money-raising. They often spend precious resources telling us how much they have raised or expect to raise. Start-ups also want to tell us they or were mentioned in an important publication or were invited to take part in an […]

Xero engine pulling NZ tech train

Last month Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce issued a report on the state of New Zealand’s technology sector. It says the sector is “strong” and “fast growing”. In other words, the NZ tech express is leaving the station. What the report didn’t say is that the engine pulling that train is a single company: Xero. […]

Microsoft New Zealand technology bazaar

One of my more enjoyable writing jobs is working on the The New Zealand Herald’s annual Innovation report.  It’s a subject that’s close to my heart and it means I get to talk to interesting people about fascinating ideas. In one story, Microsoft cloud seeds next start up wave, I look at the Bizspark programme which helps […]