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Surface Go: Tempting, but no iPad challenger

At NZ$700, Surface Go rounds out the bottom end of Microsoft’s tablet-to-laptop range. It’s a small, thin tablet with a 10-inch screen. No doubt people will compare it with another small, thin 10-inch tablet: Apple’s NZ$540 iPad. Before going further, we should be clear, the tablets come from different ranges. They have different design perspectives. […]

Thurrott says Microsoft Surface dead last for reliability

Consumer Reports has pulled its recommendations for Microsoft’s Surface products, citing an industry-worst failure rate. Source: Consumer Reports: Microsoft Surface is Dead Last for Reliability – Thurrott.com Reliability is one of the hardest things to cover off when reviewing hardware. It’s no accident that Apple, which sits at the top of the reliability league table […]

Windows 10S — Microsoft tries locking down again

At first sight Microsoft’s Surface Laptop and Windows 10S launch is all about education. That was the company’s emphasis at the product roll-out in New York. Yet there is more at stake here than putting computers in school bags. The announcement outlines a strategy for the next stage of personal computing. If Microsoft pulls this […]