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One computer in four a tablet

Tablet sales will soon overtake PC sales. It doesn’t matter. Physical boundaries between devices are blurring to the point where a continuum stretches from smartphones through tablets to laptops. The big disconnect isn’t tablets versus PCs, but mobile versus fixed.   At Gigaom, Kevin Tofel reports Nearly 1 in 4 computers sold last quarter were tablets. Raw […]

Tablets: all about Wi-Fi, not cellular

Wi-Fi-only tablets outnumber cellular connected models by roughly 10-to-1. We can argue about the exact ratio. The graph above shows data collected by US-based analyst Chetan Sharma up to the end of 2011. It shows a slight movement from Wi-Fi-only to 3G connected models – a trend which may have accelerated since then. And Sharma’s numbers […]

Word 2013: A journalist’s personal journey

It took Microsoft until the autumn of personal computing to get its popular word processing software right for journalists. That’s no co-incidence. Nor is it a co-incidence that Fairfax, Australia and New Zealand’s largest publisher, recently moved its journalists from Microsoft Word to Google Docs. Challenges from a newer, simpler breed of computer hardware and […]