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Tablet sales continue to fall, Windows is coming

There’s no clear end in sight to falling tablet sales. IDC’s latest tablet quarterly report shows shipments fell over 12 percent year-on-year. This is the seventh quarter in a row shipments have declined. Tablet sales for the second quarter of 2016 were 38.7 million units compared with 44.1 million in the same period a year […]

Brands plan survival tactics as personal computer sales tumble

Personal computer sales are in free-fall. Tablet sales are in worse shape. The two do not exist in isolation. Computer makers have different strategies to squeeze the most out of a difficult market. IDC reports the tablet market has now been in decline for six quarters in a row. Market leaders Apple and Samsung have […]

Windows 10 laptops still better than tablets

In hindsight most users agree Windows 8 was a stinker. Many thought so at the time. Windows 8’s reception so traumatised Microsoft the company drew a clear line under the operating system. To emphasise this, Windows skipped a version moving direct from 8 to 10. One reason desktop and laptop owners didn’t warm to Windows […]

9.7-inch iPad Pro review: A week on the move

Apple’s latest iPad Pro packs the internals of the 12.7-inch model in the same space as the 9.7-inch iPad Air. Prices start at NZ$1050. The 9.7-inch iPad Air is more expensive than many laptops, but then Apple says it’s more powerful. After a week of using it as my main, but not only, computer, it’s […]

A month with the Microsoft Surface Pro 4

There are plenty of good options if you can afford a premium work computer. For most the best choices are something with MacBook in the name, an iPad Pro or a Surface Pro 41. All are light, robust, portable and have long battery life. They have beautiful build quality. They all look and feel attractive. […]