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Can’t start a fire without a Spark

Today Telecom NZ becomes Spark New Zealand. It is a big change for the company. I worked with Peter Kerr of Stick on a feature series about the name change at Scoop: Igniting the Spark – Why Telecom Wanted To Change. Spark sponsored the story and gave us access to executives, but didn’t interfere with the editorial. […]

Carriers jockey for mobile pole position as competition ramps

It’s hard to remember a time when New Zealand’s mobile sector was this competitive. Monday morning got off to a flying start with Telecom NZ trumpeting six sites with carrier aggregation able to deliver fibre-like broadband speeds to mobile users. A nice publicity coup even if the company acknowledges the devices customers need to use the […]

300 Mbps as Telecom demos carrier aggregation

You need special kit not publicly available in New Zealand until later this year. And, for now, there are only six Auckland carrier aggregation sites. Yet Telecom NZ’s demonstration shows where mobile data is heading with a service that has theoretical peak speeds of 300 Mbps — faster than UFB. At those speeds you could download […]