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Closing New Zealand’s rural-urban digital divide

Clare Curran says: “We have to do more than better connectivity”. The minister for broadcasting, communications and digital media was speaking about the digital divide at last month’s Tuanz Rural Connectivity Symposium in Wellington. https://twitter.com/clarecurranmp/status/1011468050825007104 Curran names ‘closing the digital divide by 2020‘ as one of her two big goals. The other is for technology […]

Tuanz calls for better consumer protections

Tuanz — Telecommunications Users Association New Zealand — wants better consumer protection when the government revisits the Telecommunications Act. Earlier this week Communications Minister Amy Adams published what she calls an “options paper”. This asks for feedback on the government’s proposed utility-style model for regulating fixed line telecommunications services after 2020. The paper forms part […]

What Hawaiki cable green light means for New Zealand

Odd email appears in journalists’ inboxes on April 1. Here’s one: Please find attached a media release from Hawaiki announcing the coming into force of the Hawaiki cable. Please also note that despite the date, this is not an April Fools’ joke – it is for real. Hawaiki: Australia to Hawaii via New Zealand If […]

One NZ IT conference to rule them all: ITx

IITP CEO Paul Matthews has achieved what others couldn’t manage: bringing together most of New Zealand’s IT-focused organisations under a single umbrella. Next year 11 other bodies will join IITP at the ITx 2016 conference in Wellington. According to a press release, the three-day event, will be held at the TSB Arena and Shed 6 complex on […]

New Zealand’s flawed broadband product disclosure regime

Tuanz CEO Paul Brislen nails the problem in product disclosure. He says the idea of product disclosure is good, but at the moment consumers only get basic information. The more difficult, technical stuff is still hidden. He writes: I don’t have a problem with traffic management plans, but when the telcos hide that information away […]