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10 best Twitter practices for Twitter for journalists

Writing at Reportr.net Alfred Hermida says most journalists approach Web 2.0 services like Twitter with a 1.0 mindset. He’s right, my personal bugbear is that many media organisations insist their reporters use Twitter as a broadcast media and not for dialogue. Hermida, a journalism professor, looks at a list of best practices guidelines for journalists using […]

Incorrect tweets trump corrections

In the first of his eight simple rules for accurate journalism at the Columbia Journalism Review Craig SIlverman writes: “Initial, mistaken information will be retweeted more than any subsequent correction”. He calls this the Law of Incorrect Tweets. Silverman says people are more likely to retweet or like a false news report than pay attention to corrections. […]

Time to shut your website, move to Facebook?

Bnet.com discusses businesses dropping websites to concentrate on social media sites like Facebook. What about journalists and news media? It makes sense for some businesses to move: Companies like Starbucks and Coca-Cola get up to 80 times as many Facebook page visits as website visits. These are mass-market companies running one-size-fits-all campaigns. Although Facebook has begun wooing […]