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Chorus backhaul starts with 2degrees

2degrees has signed a multi-year backhaul contract with Chorus. The deal replaces a mix of services from providers including Spark and Vocus. The network will connect UFB points of presence and data centres to the international network. 2degrees says it now has a fully diverse and highly resilient network that transports voice and data worldwide. […]

Enable Networks connects 50,000 to fibre

Hats off to Christchurch local fibre company Enable Networks. The company says it now has 50,000 customers connected to its network. CEO Steve Fuller says that means one in three of those who can get the company’s services are now connected. Fuller says 24,000 have switched to fibre in the last 12 months. He says: […]

Northpower in 10Gbps world first test run

Whangarei-based fibre provider Northpower says it has demonstrated 10Gbps network speeds. A press release from Northpower partner Calix says this is the world’s first live test of its NG-Pon2 technology. Northpower’s test served 10Gbps to both a business and to a residential home. NG-Pon2 is a standard developed by the International Telecommunications Union. It is […]

Spark, Chorus streamline fibre install

Spark has extended its streamlined street-in-a-week fibre install trial to include Chorus UFB coverage areas. The goal is to spend a week focusing on fibre installations for residents of a single street. This means fast-tracking connections and giving customers a specific day for their installation. Last month Spark began a similar project with Ultrafast Fibre. […]

Less local council red tape for telcos

Telecommunications companies will no longer need to apply to local authorities for resource consent when installing everyday infrastructure. This applies to frequently deployed infrastructure such as small cell hardware, street cabinets, cabling and antenna on lighting poles so long as the equipment meets national standards. The rule change is thanks to the National Environmental Standard […]