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Free non-standard UFB install scheme extended

At the New Zealand Herald Sophie Boot writes: Chorus, the telecommunications network operator, will continue to provide free non-standard[1] residential ultrafast broadband installations until 2019, under an agreement with Crown Fibre Holdings which could see its debt repayments to the government entity delayed. The could part of that sentence is complicated. There is a regulatory review […]

Vodafone gigabit FibreX promises faster installs, lower costs

Vodafone is using the promise of a three-day install and lower gigabit prices as a lure to its FibreX network. FibreX is the new name for the Vodafone HFC (hybrid-fibre coaxial) network that services parts of Wellington, the Kapiti Coast and Christchurch. A naked unlimited data gigabit plan costs $110 a month on FibreX. That […]

What you’ll pay for Vodafone gigabit fibre

New Zealand’s second largest ISP, Vodafone, says it will soon offer gigabit fibre plans. The price in the Northpower, Enable and Ultra Fast Fibre UFB areas will be $140 a month. It says “Elsewhere”, read that as the Chorus UFB area, prices will be released in the “near future”. Vodafone stands out from the service […]

What you’ll pay for gigabit fibre

The short answer to the question is gigabit fibre costs “less than you might think”. If you live in parts of New Zealand covered by the Ultrafast Broadband network, you can now download data at gigabit speeds. Most of the time that means services running at 1Gbps down and 500Mbps up. Prices in Dunedin, winner of the Chorus Gigatown […]

Every town a Gigatown as Chorus joins 1Gbps pack

Chorus says it will offer gigabit fibre services starting next month making every town a Gigatown. It joins Enable Networks, Northpower Fibre and Ultrafast Fibre who all plan to launch gigabit wholesale broadband services in October. From next month they will all offer download speeds of 1Gbps with uploads running at 500Mbps. If customers take […]