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More gigatowns coming as fibre companies ready October launch

Enable Networks, Northpower Fibre and Ultrafast Fibre plan to launch gigabit wholesale broadband services in October. They say they will offer download speeds of 1Gbps with uploads running at 500Mbps. Meanwhile Spark New Zealand says it is already testing Enable’s gigabit services in Christchurch. The company had previously asked wholesale fibre companies to roll out […]

Chorus fibre install complaints in perspective

New Zealand’s media was quick to report stories about Chorus fibre install complaints this week. Stuff went first on Monday with Problems linger with Chorus ultra-fast broadband rollout. Not to be outdone, Tuesday’s The New Zealand Herald reported: Fibre-optic cables for ultra-fast broadband have been installed across fences and through gardens in some Auckland homes […]

Ross Patterson: Government-funded fibre makes sense

At the NBR former telecommunications commissioner Ross Patterson defends the case for the New Zealand government’s investment in a fibre-to-the-premises network.  Patterson is responding to an earlier article by Bronwyn Howell. He says: …demand for fibre services is greater than anticipated at this stage of the rollout, and the proportion of fibre customers on 100 […]