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Unisys Security Index: Commercial digital identity services face fear barrier

New Zealanders are happy using digital identities to deal with government agencies. Yet, according to the 2018 Unisys Security Index survey, we’re less happy using similar digital identities for financial transactions, paying for things and other commercial applications. Take the idea of having an emergency button a phone so you can send your location to […]

Unisys Security Index: World worries on, New Zealand relaxes

Identity theft, bank card fraud and hacking top New Zealanders’ security concerns according to the 2018 Unisys Security Index. On the whole, we’re more relaxed than people in most other countries. Unisys publishes its security index year. The index is a snapshot of how people feel about security issues. This year Unisys surveyed 13,000 people worldwide, […]

New Zealanders cool on data analytics catching benefit fraud

New Zealanders don’t like welfare agencies using personal spending data from credit card or insurance to verify benefit claims. The 2017 Unisys New Zealand Security Index found only 42 percent agree with welfare agencies accessing this kind of information. It’s not just welfare. Even fewer New Zealanders support the tax office collecting similar data to […]

New Zealanders wary of wearable biometrics: Unisys

Unisys Security Index researchers looked at how comfortable New Zealanders are with biometrics and wearable computer devices. That’s the technical name for biometric hardware like health bands and other kit that measures medical data. It also covers smart watches and products like Google Glass. When there’s a clear benefit, New Zealanders are happy with the […]