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2015: The year nothing big happened in technology

Technology develops at two speeds. Most of the time it moves at a smooth pace. There is a constant stream of small, incremental updates, bug fixes and minor changes. Software version numbers tick over by decimal point or less. Now and then we see a great leap forward. An unexpected new device, app or service […]

Dell and EMC: Twilight of the gods

At heart, Dell and EMC are hardware companies. They face a serious problem: customers have lost interest in hardware. On October 12 Dell said it will pay US$67 billion for EMC. It’s the biggest technology deal ever and the latest in a never-ending wave of mergers. Dell may pay too much for EMC’s business. The […]

Citylink brings world first SDN internet exchange to NZ

Internet exchanges around New Zealand will be upgraded with software-defined network equipment in a world first. Citylink chief technology officer Jamie Baddeley says his company has tested kit from key SDN switching vendors over the past year before choosing to buy equipment from NoviFlow. He says: “We have very exacting requirements when it comes to SDN […]

Software defined networks

Software defined networks are set to do for networking what virtualisation has done for servers. There’s a great story explaining them in the Sydney Morning Herald’s ITPro section. Virtual machines turn a single physical server into what appears as several separate computers. SDN separates network hardware from the controlling software. This means switches and routers […]