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Don’t expect NZ digital spectrum windfall

Britain’s 4G spectrum auction raised a third less than expected. UK telecommunications companies paid £2.3 billion to snap up the extra bandwidth needed to run next generation mobile data networks, that’s £1.2 billion less than the amount penciled-in by the government. What does this mean for New Zealand’s spectrum sale which will probably take place later this […]

Telecom, Vodafone promise Auckland-Sydney cable

Telecom NZ, Vodafone and Telstra plan to build a new submarine cable linking New Zealand to the east coast of Australia. When completed in mid to late 2014, it will be the second major broadband link between New Zealand and the rest of the world. The companies say the project will cost less than US$60 […]

Cisco: Mobile data appetite doubled in size in 2012

If anything New Zealand’s data appetite grew even faster than the Cisco estimate. 2degrees sent out a press release last week saying network data increased by almost three times in the last year. It didn’t say what the base was, so it isn’t clear if that estimate means anything much. Meanwhile Vodafone New Zealand says […]

Ask not for whom the telco levy tolls….

Although it is called a levy, the $50 million government collects each year from telecommunications companies looks a lot like a tax. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. The Telecommunications Development Levy pays for worthy causes like the government’s $300 million Rural Broadband Initiative, services for deaf people and upgrades to the 111 emergency call service. Subsidising […]