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Why carriers might want to embrace Commerce Commission study, MVNOs

Earlier this year Communications Minister Simon Bridges wrote to the Commerce Commission asking it to investigate competition in the mobile market. Last Friday the Commerce Commission confirmed the study will go ahead. The Commerce Commission says study aims to “better understand how mobile markets are developing and performing, particularly around the competitive landscape and any […]

If Vodafone dropping mail worries you, you’re doing it wrong

At the New Zealand Herald, Holly Ryan writes Vodafone axes email services – NZ Herald Customers with a Vodafone email address will have to switch at the end of November, when the telco plans to axe its email services after 20 years. Email addresses affected include its Clear and Paradise services. Vodafone had about 200,000 […]

Vodafone Australia mulls Wisp alliance, NZ implications

CommsDay reports that Vodafone Australia is considering an alliance with regional wireless ISPs. Wireless ISPs or wisps provide local wireless broadband. Most operate in areas the big carriers find uneconomic to service. They might connect a handful of properties further up a valley, or behind a range of hills. You can take it as read one […]

NZ IoT networks jostle for potential billions

New Zealanders have three mobile phone networks to choose from. New Zealand sensors will soon have four dedicated Internet of Things networks to choose from. That’s a competitive market by any measure. You can’t move in this country at the moment without someone talking about the Internet of Things. Two weeks ago Communications Minister Simon […]