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Emirates in-flight wi-fi: More despair than OnAir

While one trip is not enough to write a definitive review of Emirates OnAir inflight Wi-fi service, I’m not masochistic enough to put myself through the experience a second time. So this is an anecdote, not a formal review. My earlier plan to work at the airport business lounge was foiled by overcrowding. Plan B […]

Covr review: D-Link mesh fails to fix Wi-Fi woes

D-Link’s NZ$600 Covr attempts to help home users fill Wi-Fi blackspots. I say attempts because the results are hit and miss. Most of the time it misses. The kit first arrived at Castle Bennett in May. I tried and failed to make it work at the time. This week I tried it again and got […]

Public Wi-Fi plus cloud file sharing « The Diversity Blog 

Ben Kepes writes about an infosec panic: Bitglass, a company that is all about protecting organizational data, wanted to see the impacts of widespread use of public wi-fi, alongside the use of unsanctioned file sharing solutions… …Bitglass’ threat research team tested two real-world scenarios—public wi-fi use and sharing of data from within a cloud app. […]

New Zealanders naïve about wi-fi safety: Symantec

Two-out-of-three New Zealanders think their personal data is safe when they use public wi-fi hotspots. Roughly the same number use hotspots regardless of the consequences. Hardly any users know if they are transmitting data safely when using public wi-fi. These are Key findings in Symantec’s 2017 Wi-fi Risk Survey. Wi-fi is popular. Symantec found half […]