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How Microsoft killed Windows Phone

Monday Note’s Jean-Louis Gassée writes about the death of Windows Phone: How could Microsoft’s Windows Phone licensing business model stand a chance against Google’s Free and Open Android? None of the Redmond giant’s complicated countermeasures worked, its smartphone platform is dead. And yet, inexplicably, Microsoft failed to use a very simple move… Source: Fiction: Who […]

Android Priv fails to revive BlackBerry

BlackBerry’s Android model, the Priv, failed to revive the company’s phone sales. According to Juniper Research, BlackBerry only sold 734,000 phones in the last quarter of 2015 — a total of 3.7 million for the full year. If anyone is interested, the phone went on sale in Australia today. Microsoft’s Windows phone fared little better […]

Microsoft’s Betamax phone operating system

Analyst firm IDC says Microsoft’s Windows Phone is going nowhere. According to the latest IDC Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone tracker, Microsoft’s mobile OS has just 2.2 percent market share. That in 2015. By 2019 it will add another 0.1 percent giving it a total 2.3 percent of the mobile market. IDC says despite all the […]

Microsoft blew US$7.6 billion on Nokia overcoming Apple-envy

Things got crazy towards the end of Steve Ballmer’s time as Microsoft CEO. One of his dumbest moves was buying Nokia. Some say the decision cost him his job. That wasn’t all. Last month the software giant wrote down US$7.6 billion it spent buying Nokia. Until the acquisition, Google, Facebook, Amazon and, most of all, […]

Satya Nadella was the right choice for Microsoft CEO

It’s one year since Microsoft appointed Satya Nadella as its third CEO. He was clearly the right person for the job. Things are not perfect at Microsoft, but Nadella has done a great job of reinventing the company and making it relevant again. Some of his achievements: Made Microsoft a player in the booming iOS app market […]