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iA Writer 5 review: When you want words without fuss

Is iA Writer a text editor? Or is it a minimal word processor? The software is both and neither at the same time. It’s an elegant stripped down writing tool that’s perfect for 2018. iA Writer starts from the premise that some writers focus on their words, not how they look on a page. There […]

Review: LibreOffice 5.2 — solid, unpolished alternative

LibreOffice 5.2, the free, open source alternative to Microsoft Office gets the job done. Yet there are compromises. At a glance For: Free. Open source. Feature rich. Runs on old hardware. Can open most document formats. Against: Not as polished as paid-for alternatives. Lacks cloud integration. Inconsistent user interface. Maybe: Comes with graphics app, equation […]

iPad Pro: A writer’s practical field guide

Apple says the iPad Pro is more powerful than most laptops. It is more portable. That should make it ideal for journalists and others who need to write while on the move. How does the writing experience compare with PCs and is the software up to the job? The sensible way to answer those questions […]