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Trans-Tasman mobile roaming regulation coming

Two years ago the Australian and New Zealand communications ministers agreed to investigate trans-Tasman roaming. At the time Stephen Joyce and Senator Stephen Conroy suggested they might regulate. Although that regulation moment appears closer, don’t hold your breath. Governments rarely move fast on these matters. Yesterday the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment published submissions responding to […]

New Zealand’s submarine cable debate

How does New Zealand get another submarine cable project off the ground in the wake of Pacific Fibre’s fund-raising failure? Ryan Ashton posed the question at a technology industry networking event last night. Ashton wants to trigger a debate and people at the event joined in. At least one had worked for Pacific Fibre. Ashton’s […]

Tablet buyers prefer wi-fi-only models

Media coverage of a report from IDC Research says sales of Wi-Fi only tablets have passed sales of 3G models in Australia and New Zealand. IDC’s analyst explained the shift away from mobile networks to Wi-Fi in terms of product offerings. This misses the point: for most people 3G doesn’t make sense on a tablet. […]