Despite the magazine’s name, the US News and World Report’s list of the 30 best careers for 2009 is focused on American jobs. Some suggestions look just plain weird to those of us outside the USA.

For example, the US News and World Report lists clergy as a good career. The idea that America’s need for clergy will grow as the economic downturn grinds on is perfectly understandable. However, the cynical suggestion that belief is more or less incidental is strange.

Going into bat for God each day would be tough at the best of times. It would be even hard if you weren’t sure he existed. If you’re downright certain he doesn’t exist, being on his team could drive you to drink or madness.

Of course, there are highly paid American TV evangelists who finding milking people’s religious needs lucrative. Now there’s a job.

The 30 Best Careers for 2009 – US News and World Report


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