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From the department of every-cloud-has-a-silver-lining:

According to the Economist newspaper, business-oriented social networking websites like Linkedin and Xing are doing a roaring trade despite, or more accurately because of the world’s financial troubles. Apparently the professionals who use these sites have been busily updating their online profiles in recent week just in case they lose their jobs.

So it looks like some people are heeding the advice handed out by management guru Tom Peters.

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One thought on “The Economist says Linkedin and Xing thriving in downturn

  1. Social cohesion is what is going to help all of us.

    The bad news for banks and credit funders is “linked risk”.

    Ironically the good news for us is that the same network factors across boarders via social networks can all be a positive for leads, opportunities and generally mutal support in a tough environment.

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