American personal finance site Get Rich Slowly takes a look at ten of the best recession-proof jobs. It covers a range of industries including knowledge-based areas such as information technology, entertainment and engineering.

While the main list has been drawn up for North American readers, there’s good and bad news for New Zealanders. The author thinks America will boost agricultural employment in order to move away from importing food. Maybe, but New Zealand produces high-quality food cheaper than anyone else and the exchange rate is dropping. So our agricultural exports should continue to do well in the coming years.

One career that pops up in the Get Rich Slowly story is education. For a long time teaching was underpaid and undervalued. But there’s a shortage of teachers in most countries and plenty of young people to educate.

There’s a wealth of information in the story including a number of alternative views. I’d be interested to hear what others think about recession-proof careers.

One thought on “10 best recession-proof jobs

  1. Knowledge working is a powerful opportunity. I am lucky in that my employer is international, their business is global so I feel rather isolated from this so called recession

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