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A thesaurus with short words

Rules number four and five in my Writing for the web in 300 words say:

Learn grammar. Forget what teachers said about long words making you look smart. It isn’t true. Instead use simple words, grammar and sentences. It is harder to go wrong.

Finding simple words isn’t always easy, especially when you are in a hurry.

A thesaurus helps. I sometimes use Microsoft Word’s thesaurus when I’m stuck. There are online thesauri and, whisper this because I’m now a paperless journalist, there are two on my bookshelf at home.

And then there is Ironic Sans’ Thsrs.

Thsrs is a short word thesaurus designed to help Twitter users find shorter words to fit inside the 140 character limit. Thsrs is a great tool for digging out a simpler, easier-to-read alternative, option, choice.

Helen Sword’s Wasteline Test is another useful tool to tighten your writing.



2 thoughts on “A thesaurus with short words

  1. I’ve been looking for a website like Thsrs for ages! Not for Twitter though. (Although I’m sure I’ll end up using it for that as well.)

    I keep text file lists of the movies I’ve seen and want to see, with titles, years, countries, directors and/or actors, my personal ratings, and short descriptions of what they’re about (but specific enough to distinguish similar films from one another).

    The catch is, I try to put *all* that info on just one line of text, with only 100 characters to work with! :^) I’ve already added Thsrs to my Firefox search engines. Keyword “s”, for “short”.

    So, thanks for spreading the word about Thsrs, Bill!


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