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Amongst his list of nine ways of leading yourself through the current financial crises, management guru Tom Peters emphasises communications and increased physical exercise.

Exercise—encourage your leadership team to double up on their exercise.

The advice is the typical Peters mix of wisdom, common sense and mumbo jumbo: for example what on earth is “Over”communicate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! supposed to mean?

Like a lot of blog posts, there’s some real value in the comments include a pearl of a comment from Richard Lipscombe:

Specifically I urge you to take your lead from Google not Microsoft. Look at the ways Google does business and copy them as they are defining the future not repackaging the past. Look at Microsoft and learn about just how much they are struggling to keep their C20th business models relevant to a totally different world. Then compare and contrast Google to Microsoft to learn more about how you should think, behave, and lead in your life today and tomorrow…. I am not saying Google is perfect nor am I suggesting in anyway that Microsoft is bad – they are just symbols of a hundred year change in the ways we did thing yesterday and the way we need to do them tomorrow…

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