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Toshiba Chromebook lands in New Zealand at NZ$480

Chromebooks have only been around for a few months, but they are starting to multiply. Toshiba is the latest notable computer maker to join the Chrome OS party. The company is bringing its 13 inch Toshiba Chromebook to New Zealand where it will go on sale for just NZ$480.

Toshiba says its Chromebook uses a Haswell-based Intel Dual Core processor. If this was a Windows laptop that would set alarm bells ringing. Here the specification means little – what matters is there’s more than enough computer power to run Chrome OS where everything is done using a browser.

Nine hours on a single charge

A more interesting point is the processor gives the Toshiba Chromebook “up to” nine hours of battery life. Even if we take that with the usual pinch of salt, it means you can get a full day’s work on a single charge.

There’s an HD webcam, two USB 3 ports, a HDMI connector, SD card slot and, of course, Wi-Fi. The wee beastie weighs just 1.5kg, so it is Ultrabook light even if at 20mm deep it’s a little chubbier.

Buyers also get 100GB of Google Drive storage as part of the deal – this would normally cost around NZ$70 a year.

Toshiba’s standard Chromebook specification

Toshiba Chromebook is spec-for-spec almost the same as most other branded Chromebooks currently on sale. It has the same 1366 x 768 screen resolution but bumps the display size from the 11 inches found elsewhere to 13 inches.

By 2014 standards that relatively low 1366 x 768 screen resolution  is the only real disappointment. On the other hand,  you can’t argue with the NZ$480 list price.

Chromebooks appear to be filling a market niche that Microsoft appears to be abandoning. While PC sales are falling, there’s still a need for low-cost, lightweight machines for basic computing.



4 thoughts on “Toshiba Chromebook lands in New Zealand at NZ$480

  1. “Chromebooks have only been around for a few months” should that be qualified with “in New Zealand”?

  2. You can argue with the resolution when you compare it not to just laptops but other devices with small screen sizes. My $450 phone has the same resolution.
    Like Windows I just can’t justify any price for something that will be a toy to me, but damn I really want one. At least manufacturers are getting the message that battery life matters far more to people than GHz, and to be honest, outside of people who can tell you want HD resolution is off the top of their head how many people will care about the resolution too?

    1. Most users will find the Chromebook resolution is just fine. I tend to need more, but then I wouldn’t be Photoshopping or web page designing on a Chromebook.

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