There’s an objective side to reviewing technology products and services. There’s also an emotional side. I’m as interested in exploring how I feel about a device. About how I integrate technology into my work and life. It’s not something I write about often because it is so personal. And yet it gets to the core of personal productivity.

One size does not fit all.

I’m aware that my emotional response to technology can be as important and significant as my intellectual response.

There’s one way for sure I know how I feel about a product or service. That’s my response as I pack the product for return at the end of a review period. In the case of software, it’s about what happens when I delete the software from my device.

I call this my ultimate device acid test.

If I’m busy calculating whether I can justify buying something, it’s a pass. If I feel a sense of loss as the courier speeds off down my road, it was a pass.

If I’m glad to see the back of something, it’s a fail. If I’m indifferent, it’s, well let’s say a no score draw.

This emotional response can seem empty-headed, but as the song goes, sometimes you don’t know what you’ve got until its gone.

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