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Apple accounts for half PC industry profit

Apple's PC market victory

The thing that matters most about selling computers is making money. I was conscious of this on Monday when I wrote about Apple’s stunning PC victory.

That story says Apple’s iPad laid waste to the PC industry in the space of just three years. But what about that PC market. Who is the winner there?

The only winner is Apple.

While it is obvious Apple makes proportionally more money from selling PCs than other computer makers.

Horace Dediu at Asymco has the numbers and it turns out Apple’s PC market dominance is even more pronounced when you look at the slice of profit that company commands.

Apple accounts for almost half of PC industry profits and it makes more than the next five PC makers combined. A stunning victory.

And this is another reminder of why Microsoft is pushing ahead with Windows 8. It is the only plausible route out of this dead-end for Microsoft and the non-Apple PC makers.



2 thoughts on “Apple accounts for half PC industry profit

  1. What I don’t understand is why the other manufacturers persist in turning out such heinous machines. Apple doesn’t have a patent covering clean design and a simple product range.

    Walk into any Noel Lemming or JB, and you’ll see a range of laptops / boxes from the people in the top half of your screen, laden with airslots, ports, fad accessories (thumbprint readers anybody?), marketing labels, switches and crap – all set out in tastelessly garish colours (or black, if it’s a business box). Nasty. And they’re backed up by poor build quality – my last HP more or less died after just over a year.

    Maybe it’s a cultural thing?

  2. Part of the problem is ‘price engineering’ where a company decides on a target price for a piece of kit then says “how much can we stuff into the box to make it look like value”. Nobody but Apple seems to work from the premise of “how can we build a nice device?”.

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