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Marshall Goldsmith says companies overlook the talent they already have:

To meet these challenges, hiring managers are focused on finding talented employees—people with the right skills, knowledge, and experience who can help their companies compete effectively in today’s marketplace.

But the hard truth is that talent alone won’t help you sustain success in today’s business environment. Leaders have to look beyond skills, knowledge, and experience and unleash the latent talent and potential that exists within their organizations if they want to survive and thrive. That potential is what I call genius.

2 thoughts on “Unleashing the genius in your workforce

  1. “Leaders have to look beyond skills, knowledge, and experience…” for what? If someone doesn’t have the skills, knowledge or experience for a job then why exactly would I give it to them? Wait 6 months for them to figure it out and ignore all the mistakes they make in the meantime?

    I’m all for promoting from within rather than hiring, but if there’s no-one who can do the job then you look elsewhere. I hate articles like this – all power words and no substance.

  2. @Parsley72. I see your point, but that’s not how I read the quote.

    My take (and my experience here in NZ) is that companies often don’t look hard enough to see what skills lie below the surface.

    For example, I know of a company that struggled to find someone with a particular skill to perform a task. In the end, it turned out the receptionist could do the job. She was working on the front desk to earn some money during a break from university.

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