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Alfred Burton, Mount Tarawera in Eruption – copyright free image from Auckland Art Gallery

VMWare took off with a hiss and a roar as companies squeezed servers into fewer and fewer boxes.

Server consolidation has been going on in earnest for more than a decade. I’ve seen numbers from analysts suggesting almost two-thirds of enterprise computing takes place in virtual machines.

The numbers could be higher in New Zealand.

Tim Dacombe-Bird, who runs VMWare’s NZ operation says Australia and New Zealand are ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to server virtualisation. He went on to say New Zealand is running well ahead of Australia. Which means New Zealand could be a world leader when it comes to virtualisation.

This makes sense to me. I still remember in the late 1980s talking to Tom West from Data General. He told me New Zealanders squeeze hardware further than users in other countries.

Then as now it was all about economics. New Zealand is a relatively small economy, our organisations are smaller, our data needs are smaller so IT costs spread over a narrower base. This is less about doing things on the cheap and more about maximising efficiency.

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