Vodafone NZ Mobile

Vodafone Office Net Unlimited plan for small and medium businesses comes with unlimited broadband, unlimited national and mobile landline voice calling for a flat $139 monthly fee. The price is for a single line, more lines on the same account cost an extra $60. There are extra charges for international calls.

An Office Net $99 plan offers 200GB of broadband data and 500 minutes of voice calls. Additional lines on this account are $40 extra.

These are the first comprehensive business plans I’ve seen in New Zealand that combine mobile, landline and broadband. They certainly make it easier for small companies to manage their telecommunications spending. And the prices are sharp, apart from overseas calls  — and there’s VoIP for that — they effectively put a $139 cap on the cost per user with prices falling sharply for businesses with more employees.


2 thoughts on “Vodafone bundles business mobile, landline, broadband

  1. This is very competitive at the $99 rate. Less than I pay now for combined phone, broadband and mobile. And giving a lot more data and mobile calls etc. Something to consider some time…

    • Yes, Vodafone is getting aggressive on prices, this seems to be the kind of competition the Commerce Commission has been after for a decade or so.

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