TrueNet broadband speed tests show Vodafone boosted speeds on its HFC (hybrid fibre coaxial) network in December.

The broadband testing company reports peak speeds, DNS response time and page download speeds all showed significant improvements during the month.

Although UFB fibre services are faster, the network Vodafone acquired when it purchased TelstraClear is a close second. It manages speeds of around 70 Mbps for most of the day.

Orcon and Snap offer the fastest services on their 50/100 Mbps fibre plans.

Best page download times

TrueNet reports Vodafone Cable scored the best total test page download time. It beat all other networks including UFB services at 1.4 seconds. This represents a huge improvement on November’s 2.4 seconds.

Speeds on New Zealand VDSL services were consistent in December with both Telecom NZ and Snap maintaining speeds at better than 95 percent of the maximum for most of the day.

VDSL or very high-speed digital subscriber line broadband is delivered over the old copper phone network.

When you can’t get fibre, VDSL can be good

For people in areas that are not yet serviced by UFB fibre, it remains the fastest and most reliable broadband technology.

VDSL performance, meanwhile, was “very consistent” during December, according to TrueNet, with both providers (Snap and Telecom) achieving speeds over 95 percent of the “best top speed” for most of the day.

TrueNet notes the 100 Mbps fibre and cable offerings have a clear speed advantage over other broadband technologies but says while VDSL is capable of reaching 70 Mbps, users generally see slower speeds than they would get from a 30 Mbps fibre service.

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