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I’m a recent convert to Xero online accounting. Life is simpler and easier with Xero than it ever was with Quickbooks and the other accounting packages I’ve used over the years*.

Now my business finances are under control, I’d like to do the same with my personal finances. I’ve three bank accounts, a mortgage and Kiwisaver plus three other superannuation accounts. There are insurance policies and other financial matters that I’d like to manage from one app.

For the last few years I used Microsoft Money – but that application is now an orphan. Before than I used Quicken Personal.

I tried GnuCash, but found it incomprehensible and difficult.

Mint looks interesting, but it is too American.

New Zealand’s PocketSmith is a wonderful application. I tried the beta during the product’s early days and was impressed by its ability to forecast finances is impressive. While PocketSmith is a great financial planning tool, it doesn’t deliver what I needed to manage my money.

So, what I am I missing and do you agree with my six paragraph summary of the personal financial software landscape?

*Along the way I’ve sampled Quicken Home and Business, Accpac Simply Accounting, MYOB and Sage.

One thought on “Wanted: Xero for personal finances

  1. Hi Bill, now you have used Xero for a while, how are you finding it and what are your comments. I am looking for a money management software that manages several accounts including goal mgmt and wondered how you were getting with Xero?


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