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When writing about Google’s Chromebook spectacular lack of success last month I said:  “Nothing in the PC makers’ box of tricks works at the moment. Laptops and desktops are losing ground to tablets and smartphones on every front.”

So what are computer makers doing to correct matters?

Two fresh ideas emerged today.

At the Australian Financial Review Negar Salek and John Davidson report Intel is about to launch a next generation laptop with close to 24 hours battery life on a single charge. That’s going to help bring them close to tablet performance. It may not be enough to win customers from tablets, but it may bring forward upgrades from power users who travel with their laptops.

It is good to see some hardware innovation coming from Intel.

Meanwhile Engadget says HP’s redesigned business notebooks will sell in the US for prices starting at US$499. Going by past performance that means the computers will turn up on New Zealand shelves for around NZ$800 – a competitive price for a big brand business notebook.

For that price you wouldn’t see 24 hour battery life, nor will you get an SSD. However, a full Windows laptop for about the same price as an iPad will appeal to some customers – as always it depends on what you plan to do with the hardware.

2 thoughts on “What laptop makers have up their sleeves

  1. The thing is, as much as I don’t want it to the traditional PC market is in decline, and like landlines there isn’t much they can do to stop people flocking to the new technology. The only way for HP et al to have not been affected by this is to have been on the forefront of the new tech, but they weren’t there in time (Sorry Dell, HP, Acer, Asus. Sony – you kinda got it).

    History repeats itself. Don’t rest on your laurels… blah blah blah. You’re an idiot if you have stock in PC OEMs right about now or even this time last year.

  2. I hope we see these 24 hour battery life laptops rolling in USA soon. It seems like all laptops these days are overpriced and underpowered (battery wise). I am a poweruser and I can’t do half the things I can do with my tablet that I do with my laptop. The laptop market definitely needs a reboot!

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