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New Zealand money Americans have many ways to find the going salary rate for a specific job in a specific town. According to Lifehacker the most prominent are Glassdoor.com, PayScale, SalaryScout and Indeed. There’s no equivalent source of information for New Zealand.

The best to date is the Robert Walters information for Auckland and Wellington  available on seek.co.nz. The numbers are vague – with wide bands. Only a limited number of job titles are listed.

Nevertheless, you should be able to find enough information to make an informed guess about the going rate for a job from this data. What you won’t find is enough specific data to help you negotiate with a skinflint boss.

TradeMe also offers salary information. There’s a single page of data in the salary guide. You can drill down on the various categories to get more specific information.

Again, the data is more of a guide than a negotiating benchmark. Unlike Seek, TradeMe appears to take its data from listed jobs. The job categories don’t always match exactly. This makes it hard to compare the two sets of data. The salaries for communications jobs:

Seek results for Auckland

Job Title permanent contract
min max min max
Communications Manager 60 100 30 50

TradeMe provides even less information at the top level

Marketing, media & communications median pay $57k  range $35k – $100k

Clicking on the link gives the median pay and salary range for eight more specific job categories. You can find pay information in New Zealand. But it’s hard work.

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