CaptureGigaOM notes Google is adding tablet-like features to the next version of Chrome OS. From there it is a short step to deducing the company plans to build a Chrome OS tablet.

The story is just speculation. There were earlier rumours of a Chrome OS tablet – nothing appeared. And this time last year Google told journalists it wasn’t working on a Chrome tablet.

Google has constantly evolving strategy, so the idea that the company make alter course and build a tablet around its web browser-based operating system is plausible. At least from a technical point of view.

What’s less likely is that Google would compete with its Android OS which is slowly gaining traction in the tablet market. And hurting Android in the tablet market wouldn’t help its long-term prospects on smartphones.

A more plausible deduction is that over time Chrome and Android will converge.

One thought on “Chrome tablet could kill Android

  1. As you say, Google already have a solution for that area. If Chrome does come out on a tablet as they are now it would be marketed as a business device; a laptop without a physical keyboard – rather than a tablet to sit on the couch and read stuff on. They are productivity tools.

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