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My last post called it: Windows 8 is a flop. What is the best way forward from here for someone who installed Windows 8 and is struggling to make it work?

I’m looking for your advice on this. Moving to another operating system, Linux or Mac OSX, isn’t an option at the moment – although that may come at my next technology refresh.

It comes down to three choices:

Stick with Windows 8. Grit your teeth through the annoyances and hold out for Windows 9 or whatever comes along next. This presupposes Microsoft will see the light and either kill or hide the awful Metro user interface.

Revert to Windows 7. after all nothing was broken, what problem was solved by moving to Windows 8? This option will require a few hours work backing up key data, doing the reinstall and then reinstalling the apps. Mind you all that is trivial these days compared with a decade ago. Update: I tested this, it is not worth the effort.

Dual boot Windows 8 and 7. This would be quicker and easier than reverting to 7. It has the added advantage of keeping Windows 8 in place should Microsoft see the light and fix the user interface.

There is another option: keep Windows 8 and install third party fixes that workaround the annoyances. I’m not keen to go there, my past experience with this type of software isn’t good. Or am I being unfair here?

So over to you, what’s your suggested way of dealing with Windows 8 disappointment?

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