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Dear WordPress

Thank you for adding the wonderful full-screen editor to WordPress. I love the way I can hide everything else and type on a screen which looks and feels like a blank sheet of paper.

One feature change would make the full-screen editor perfect. I’d like to mark headers – what we journalists call cross-heads – directly from the editor. At the moment, I have to leave the full screen and switch to the normal edit screen to do this.

Doing this is not hard or unpleasant, but being able to stay in the full-screen editor would be better.

Thank you.

4 thoughts on “WordPress full screen editor needs tweak

  1. I haven’t investigated the new editor, but lately I have been writing my WordPress blogs with Microsoft Live Writer. It is much nicer than the old WordPress edit screen.

  2. Windows Live Writer is a great way of writing posts on a WordPress site. I’ve also used the blog feature in Microsoft Word, which does the same thing without the need for a separate app.

    The problem with both of them is they aren’t cross-platform enough. I can use the WordPress editor from my PC, from my iPad, or heaven forbid as it’s a bugger to type, my smartphone.

  3. Full screen editor definitely needs a little lift in terms of features than just being a plain text editor ..

    • Being able to mark headlines is the only writing feature I miss when using the full screen editor. Adding too many more things would clutter the interface. What else do you think is missing?

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