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Days before Microsoft took over, I quit Linkedin. Here’s why…

Linkedin was useful for a moment. That was when it was about staying in touch with former colleagues and business contacts. It works as a contact book with automatic updates. Linkedin manages the links when people move jobs. People often move jobs in industries like technology and telecommunications. When Microsoft Outlook was still popular, you […]

China Business: Auckland Airport readies for Chinese surge

Last year a total of 140 million air passengers departed from China. Some 355,000 — about 0.2 per cent — of them flew to Auckland. Auckland Airport chief executive Adrian Littlewood says the numbers show untapped potential for New Zealand’s tourism sector. “Today, our share is just a small fraction of a big market. It […]

Doing one thing at a time works wonders

Tony Schwartz, at the Harvard Business Review, says dividing attention between tasks is dangerous. He says digital devices with always-on connections train us to split attention between tasks without ever focusing on one. Schwartz says this hurts productivity increasing the time to finish a task by 25 percent. In The magic of doing one thing at a time he recommends […]