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iA Writer 5 review: When you want words without fuss

Is iA Writer a text editor? Or is it a minimal word processor? The software is both and neither at the same time. It’s an elegant stripped down writing tool that’s perfect for 2018. iA Writer starts from the premise that some writers focus on their words, not how they look on a page. There […]

PressPatron: Now you can support my site

You may have spotted the PressPatron banner at the top of this page. It invites you to be a supporter. There’s also a button to the right of this text. They are both part of my PressPatron campaign. It’s a new way of crowd-funding websites. I’m one of the first journalist-bloggers in New Zealand to […]

Journalists too mean to tech companies

At The Register Shaun Nichols writes: “The tech press has dared to lean away from its core mission of making technology companies more profitable, says tech advocacy house ITIF.” The ITIF or Information Technology and Innovation Foundation is an industry think-tank. It issued a report looking at “a change of tone in technology reporting” between […]

When computers go bad they’re cybers

Stick the words computer-, net-,  web-, online- or digital- directly in front of other words and you won’t scare the population half to death: Computer-gaming Net-gaming Web-gaming Online-gaming Digital-gaming. None of these are remotely frightening. They barely raise an eyebrow. This is just as true when whatever being discussed has negative, or less than positive implications. You […]