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Wanted: a distraction free Microsoft Word 2007

Word 2007 is distracting. There are plenty of low distraction writing tools out there. I’ve used Q10 and Darkroom on my PC. Both are good. I’m told Mac users have something called Bean. I can’t comment, I’ve not had a Mac in five years. And there are web-based alternatives. I’d like to see is Microsoft […]

Why geeks love text and so could you

Converting documents from one format to another can be hard. Sometimes the problem is incompatibilities between different generations of the same application. Microsoft Word 2007’s docx file format isn’t automatically readable in older version of Word. The same is true for files generated by Excel 2007 and PowerPoint 2007. When you know in advance a […]

Good morning: not in New Zealand

It is not the best first impression when afternoon mail starts with the words: “good morning”. On the upside “good morning” means the sender has, at least, thought about manners. They just haven’t thought enough. On that level Good morning is better than “Oi you!” or worse. And yes, it’s a more original start than […]