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Wordcounter’s Political Vocabulary Analysis claims to detect if your writing leans to the political left or right. You cut and paste a block of text into the box, hit the button and you’ll be told if there’s a political slant.

My writing shows up as neutral. I tested my journalism and some of the work on my site – none showed any political slant. That’s good.

I suspect the tool is either broken or a hoax. Everything I tested came up neutral.

I used text from the New Zealand Labour Party‘s (now closed) Red Alert blog and the National Party‘s Meet your MP blog. In both cases they came up neutral.

Even the Act Party‘s Rodney Hide blog ranked neutral. An opinion from the Green Party‘s Gareth Hughes was neutral. The latest opinion from Maori Party was, you’ve guessed it, neutral. The newspapers were all neutral. Left of centre columnists; neutral. Right-wing commentators; neutral.

The creators say they designed the tool for Americans, it may not work for New Zealanders. That an understatement. I couldn’t find anything that didn’t rank neutral even when I test rants from raving American right-wing nut-cases.